Guidelines to Build Secure Application

Secure Code Review is a process that identifies the insecure piece of code which may cause a potential vulnerability in a later stage of the software development process, ultimately leading to an insecure application. When vulnerability is detected in earlier stages of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), it has less impact than the later stages of SDLC ā€“ when the insecure code moves to the production environment. In the SDLC process, the secure code review process comes under the development phase, which means that when the application is being coded by the developers, they can do a self-code review or a security analyst can perform the code review or both. The developers may use automated tools which can be integrated with their IDE (Eclipse, MS VS, etcā€¦) and can do coding and code review simultaneously.

Different studies and surveys show that approximately 75% of attacks happen due to an insecure application, inside which includes insecure code. This way, it becomes a very essential part of SDLC which should be performed rigorously. Developers mostly tend to focus on the functionality of the application and ignore the secure coding approach. But nowadays they have become more conscious about code review due to the increasing incidents of hacking and server attacks.

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